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like a bed of roses

theres a dozen reasons in this gun

Hayley Kathleen


Miss HayleyKat-AKA Kitty Khaos. KILLJOYS MAKE SOME NOISE!.
Hailing from a small town in New Brunswick,Canada I've learned to love what I am given. I hate living in the city and want to go back to small town antics. I've learned to face it,with out the big city I'd know nothing about myself,nothing about where I wanna go with my life. I never wanted to be on top,so I never bothered trying to get there,yet I've been placed there by many. I'm a humble kid who'd rather stay home and do nothing than be out on the town causing a fuss. I like fashion at my own pace. I'll never tell you how to live your life cause your the only one who can figure that out. I make icons and graphics of all sorts,coding at the speed of a Lady Gaga Song.I'm not up for idol worship but there are some celebrities I can respect. People will push you down,but I wanna pull you up. I'm sick of people becoming famous on the internet,I will not stroke your e-ego. I'm looking for the right kind of love in all the wrong places,but one day I know I'm gunna find it and I hope you do too.
Most of all,I am Miss Hayley Kat,and thats all I wanna be.