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This is,as requested by numerous people at sailormoonfans a guide on how to use my custom Sailor Moon themes.
For SUPER easy downloads,I've included QR codes for all programs you will need to use during the set up
I HIGHLY Recommend, before starting that you download
ASTRO FIle Manager,as this will allow you to acess the apk file for another app you will be using.
QR code- ASTRO File Manager

PART ONE: Adding your Theme Files to Your Android

There are no photos for this part as it is fairly simple!
All my themes come packaged as a folder inside a .zip file.
Simply Download and Unzip the folder, connect your Android to your computer and drag and drop the file to your sd card!


PART TWO: Installing GO Launcher EX and Getting Started

The first step to customizing your Android with my themes is to download a replacement home launcher. All my themes are based in Go Launcher EX this is a free app found on the Android Market:

Allow this app to download as per normal. Now when you hit the home button, your Android may or may not prompt you to choose between your normal home selector and Go Launcher EX. Mine does not prompt me, so I simply open my app drawer and go to "Home Selector" and make Go Launcher EX my selection:

It will then take me to my new home:

Now the fun is going to start! We are going to customize our theme. First off-I only use three home screens. Go Launcher allows you to have up to seven. Simply swipe up on your screen to pull up the preview option. Long press the screen you want to make your main home screen and organize the order:

Next I'm going to change the wallpaper- this is the same standard way of doing it as you would normally:

We're off to a good start. Lets move on to part 3.
PART THREE-Changing the Desktop and App Drawer Background
Now we're going to cover how to change the icons and the app drawer background as well as hide certain elements to make your display look cleaner.

The Icon set I use is called Dirty Handmade Icons by Jubba at Deviantart in each theme I've included a few basic icons- Phone,Messaging, Camera, Facebook,Home and Web browser. If you would like the rest, please download and favorite them there!

I've started by removing all icons besides the App Drawer Launcher from my screen:

Next,I long press for this menu and select application to open this menu and select the applications I would like on my screen:

Now, I'm not liking the way the default icons look, so lets change the up! Long press an application:

Press the Replace button to open this menu:

Select Custom Icon- this will launch your gallery. Simply locate the folder with in and select your icon. Scale to full size:

After repeating the process on all my shortcuts(I forgot to add the home icon ^__^;;):

Now I don't like the App titles or the Notification bar, so I'm going to hide them. Pull up your settings Menu, and go under "Preferences" to pull up this menu:

And click on "Display Settings" In this shot,I've already changed everything to what I will be using. The only thing you can not see is that I've turned off the screen indicator as well (scroll to the bottom of this menu)

Now we'll change our App Drawer as well! Return to the Preferences Menu and Select App Drawer Settings. I've already changed mine to what I will be using. To add a background, check Custom Background and then proceed as if you were simply changing your wallpaper:

And here is what my app drawer now looks like:

One last thing while we are in the Preferences Pannel, we'll set how the phone reacts to swiping. From Preferences, launch Operation Settings. Again,these are the settings I use:

Now your home screen is set to act in a way you like.  Overall, this part as been pretty simple right? In part four,we move on to things slightly more Complicated.

PART FOUR: GOSMS Pro and Widgets.
These apps are all VERY straight forward to set up and I will only be showing the menu screens!

ABOUT: GoSMS Pro is a FREE SMS replacement application that is completely customizable. 

ABOUT: Simi Clock is just that- a VERY clean and customizable Clock Widget. It also has a battery indicator and Today's Weather Forcast.

ABOUT: Beautiful Widgets is the App I use for my weekly weather forecast. HUGE selection of skins available.

Now then. Here is what my GOSMS Pro looks like after I've customized it. C:

 Now we'll add some Widgets to our home screen!

Long press and select Widget from the pop up menu. We'll start with SIMI Clock.As you can see, you have several options. I've gone with the 3x1.

Selecting your widget will pull up the Simi Clock Menu:

From here, change the settings to what you would like ^__^ (ALL COLOUR CODES ARE PROVIDED ON THEMES PAGE)
I've also added a Beautiful Widgets 1x1 Weather forecast with the BrushedInk White Skin.
Here is my end result:

And finally, in part five:Custom Lock screen!

PART FIVE: Custom Lock Screen

Alright,This part is a little bit tricky.
Please refer to this video if anything is unclear,please ask questions!

My result:


And that is that folks!
Please ask any questions you may have!!
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