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06 June 2010 @ 09:28 pm
Wants are nice.  
This is a list of things I want from the Sailor Moon Fandom:
"Cosplay" Items

Luna Pen

Cosmic Cresent Wand-Had one as a kid. Wish I still had it

Sailor Moon's Locket-Also pretty sure I had this as a Child.

STAR LOCKET-Biggest WANT EVER. I don't care if its the Japanese Pink/Gold or the NA/Europe Silver one.I WANT ONE

Luna-P Sphere

Chibi-Usa's Crystal Key

Communicator Watch

Prism Heart Compact

Outer Senshi Henshin Rod-PLUTO <3

Pluto's Time Travel Orb Talisman

Rainbow Moon Chalice

Kalido Moon Scope

Chibi-moon Twinkle Bell

Pegasus Staillon Lave

PGSM-Princess Sailor Moon's Princess Harp

Dolls/Model Kits.
Sailor Moon R Neo-Queen Serenity

Sailor Moon S-Super Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon S-Wedding Usagi

Sailor Moon S-Sailor Pluto

SuperS Henshin Chibi Usa

Super S Excellent Team Sailor Saturn

Stars-Beauty Change Eternal Moon

Stars-Beauty Change Sailor Saturn

Stars-Dream Pocket Sailor Pluto

Stars: Dream Pocket Saturn

Sailormoonworld Sailor Moon Mini Collection Sailor Chibimoon

Sailor Moon World: Mini 6in Doll Sailor Pluto

Sailor Moon World: Mini 6in Doll Sailor Saturn

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Sailor Luna Doll

Irwin Toys- Wicked Lady

Irwin Toys-Sailor Pluto

Irwin Toys- Princess Serena

Irwin Toys-Sailor Saturn

S Nakayosi Chibi-Moon DX

Professor Phi Black Lady 1/8 Model kit


Talking Luna Plushie

Sailor Moon S Bendy Plush-Pluto

Tokimeki Pegasus

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon-Luna

Wedding Tuxedo Mask Plush

Seasonal Release Items

Nakayosi Chibi-Usa Crystal Key

Sailor Moon S Talking Camera

Sailor Moon S Music Box

SuperS-Moon Idol Keyboard

Misc Items.

Sailor Pluto UFO Catcher Mug

Replica of Usagi's Engagement Ring

Sailor Moon Party Kit:

pixelmaripixelmari on June 14th, 2010 02:37 pm (UTC)
I have the

35.00 unPainted :Wicked Lady Resin Kit
60.00 Painted :Wicked Lady Resin Kit
30.00 Wedding Ring
pixelmaripixelmari on June 14th, 2010 02:39 pm (UTC)
delicious burningfiremelon on January 22nd, 2012 06:30 am (UTC)
This probably isn't much help, but the ring is costume jewellery. My friend found me a ring + necklace (I think there's earrings too, but mine aren't pierced). She's in the states though, when I looked in Canada, I didn't find them...